Numerous of features makes the system so unique!

The VARAIBOX from Bals perform all the requirements for a modern distributor housing and can be combined in five different sizes as required. With the versions S, M, L, XL and XXL as a wall or mobile combination, you will always find the right distributor for your requirements.

Now even more flexible

The Bals VARIABOX distributor system is even more versatile and flexible. As an adaptive further development, the new network data sockets as well as the switched interlocked CEE sockets are now available. Thus, the distributors can now be equipped with RJ45, HDMI or USB connections if necessary.

  • Housing made of high-grade, impact-resistant plastic
  • Hinged lid
  • Protection dgree from IP44 up to IP67 
  • User-friendly OTC operating window
  • Permanently attached cover screws
  • Coded flange plate system for maximum
  • Top section straight, CEE sockets angled
  • All CEE sockets with screwless, maintenance-free QUICKCONNECT technology
  • Top and bottom can be sealed together

  • Movable DIN rails makes the assembly and tests easier
  • Modular expansion in all directions
  • Optionally equipped with data socket RJ45, HDMI or USB
  • Protection degree IP54
  • Optionally available with switched interlocked CEE sockets in all voltages from 16A 3-pole to 32A 5-pole
  • With mechanical double-interlocking

  • The metric cable entries at the top and bottom are pre-punched can be easily broken out
  • Depending on requirements, threaded holes are available in M12, M20, and depending on the type M25 / M32 / M40
  • High material resistance
  • Impact-resistant and age-resistant even in extreme temperature ranges
  • The VARIABOX is available in protection degree IP44, IP54 and IP67
  • Special tests in our own test laboratory

See more - The VARIABOX animation!