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    The car of the future is electrically powered:

    climate protection requirements and rising environmental awareness

    will lead to a permanente change of mobility on our roads in the coming years.

    We want to help achieve these climate objectives!



Components for emobility


Over 60 years of innovation and competence in connection technology, use our experience also in emobility!

Bals offers a big portfolio of products and system components for the charging infrastructure in emobility.

We will launch our new website for electromobility products soon.

In the meantime, our staff will be happy to assist you at


The new generation of charging devices is outstanding in design and feel.


Overvalue through your own branding and individual colors

In addition to the diverse e-Mobile standard portfolio, we offer a wide range of customization options.  It is possible to change the color of the 3 housing components for all charging plugs and connectors in the new 3-part housing design. Adapt the connectors to your CI with the appropriate RAL color and use the clearly visible area above the connectors and couplings to present your logo with a high-quality doming sticker

Charging sockets for every application


Whether large or small, round or square, with or without LED we have definitely the right type 2 or eBike charging socket for your charging station.

Always the right solution, charging sockets from Bals Elektrotechnik