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    VARIABOX extension

    The VARIABOX distributor systems is even more flexible!
    As an adaptive further development, the distributors are
    available with network data sockets RJ 45, HDMI and USB
    as well as switched interlocked CEE sockets.

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    KONTEX-ULTRA is the logical further development of the KONTEX-PLUS
    contact technology from Bals, which has proven itself for years.

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    Electrical plugs and sockets

    For more than 60 years, we have been producing top quality
    CEE plugs and connectors for the world market.
    The product line spans from sockets to plugs and phase
    inverters to special connectors.

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    Manufactured for all applications: Distributors from Bals
    withstand even the toughest demands and most adverse conditions.

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    The car of the future is electrically powered:
    climate protection requirements and rising environmental awareness
    will lead to a permanente change of mobility on our roads in the coming years.