Perfect integration into the environment


The Bals underground distributor systems blend perfectly into their surroundings. The distributor system is underneath a drivable cover that can be raised easily thanks to the integrated pneumatic springs.

Easy assembly

After the plug and socket device has been connected, the cable can be guided upwards and out through the cable outlet openings. The cover can then be lowered again so that it is flush with the ground. The modular system makes installation of the substructure extremely easy. The individual segments are placed on top of each other, according to the required depth of the distributor, and interlock. Concreting or bonding of the individual elements is not necessary.




  • Electrical distributor designed according to customer requirements
  • Cover made of stainless steel
  • Perfect, inconspicuous integration into the surroundings; avoidance of vandalism and collisions


  • Protected and enclosed distributor system
  • Low installation costs, no additional heavy-duty machinery required
  • Substructure made of extremely lightweight, durable and breakproof plastic material


  • Various sizes from 50 - 200 cm
  • Resistant to road salt, oil and fuels
  • Optional frost protection possible by means of heating cables

Simple installation of substructure without bonding or concreting thanks to modular system

Easy opening assisted by pneumatic springs

Cover can be filled with concrete, wood or paving stones