INNOLINQ - Sets new standards

For more than 60 years, we at Bals have been producing industrial plugs and distributor systems for the global market – technologically outstanding products with clear advantages in form, function and design as well as the highest quality “Made in Germany”.
We are now setting new standards with our pioneering industrial plug and socket: INNOLINQ. It combines our highest standards for innovative technology with sustainably convincing arguments for the future.

Without any lead - environmentally conscious and future-proof

During these times of dynamic environmental and climate change concerns, we are aware of our special responsibility as a company and manufacturer. It is for this reason that resource-conserving production, recyclable materials, the highest environmental standards and continuous improvement of our ecological efficiency have become a top priority for us.
INNOLINQ with QUICK-CONNECT contains no lead and is produced using only recyclable materials, thereby fulfilling the principle of sustainable production. It satisfies the strict planned EU REACH & RoHS directives of the future.


Completely redeveloped

Our new INNOLINQ series is the result of intensive research and development. In addition, we have again further improved our established and reliable QUICK-CONNECT and MULTI-GRIP technologies – and significantly enhanced them with the new KONTEX-ULTRA connection technology.
You feel that in every detail: in the new design, improved ergonomics, maximum stability, larger contact areas as well as reduced plugging and pulling forces. Moreover, INNOLINQ is another Bals plug and socket that contains no lead. It thus satisfies the strict REACH & RoHS directives of the EU and our objective to conserve resources and protect the environment in a sustainable manner.


INNOLINQ with QUICK-CONNECT contains no lead and is produced using only recyclable materials.


The VDE symbol is the guarantee for tested, safe and standards-compliant products, including of course INNOLINQ. We monitor and document the high product standards in our own testing laboratory using selected thermal, mechanical and electrical tests. 


INNOLINQ with QUICK-CONNECT guarantees a secure termination and thanks to the spring-connection technology, is resistant to vibrations and temperature fluctuations. The terminal visually and audibly locks the inserted stripped conductor at the touch of a finger ensuring a reliable and permanent connection.


The improved contours of the housing and cable gland simplify handling and offer a perfect grip in every situation. An ideally placed recess for the thumbs further simplifies the opening of the connector cover. This shows that a modern design with simple handling is possible with this product range.


Industrial plugs and sockets must be able to withstand extreme mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. We therefore manufacture INNOLINQ from selected, recyclable and yet extremely durable materials – for maximum longevity and reliability.


Install without tools thanks to QUICK-CONNECT connection technology. It’s this easy: unscrew the housing, feed the connection cable through the open MULTI-GRIP cable gland. Guide the stripped conductors into the open terminals and lock in place with a simple click. Securely tighten housing parts and MULTI-GRIP cable gland.

A selection of our INNOLINQ products

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type 300 INNOLINQ connector 16A 5pol 6h - go to the article

type 110624 INNOLINQ wall mounting socket outlet 16A 5pol 6h - go to the article


type 24675 INNOLINQ wall mounting appliance inlet 16A 5pol 6h - go to the article

type 211 INNOLINQ plug 16A 3pol 6h - go to the article

type 311 INNOLINQ connector 16A 3pol 6h - go to the article