Low space requirements, simple handling, reliable function


The advantages of the space-saving and solid construction are obvious: there are no onion rings, thrust rings or internal strain relief. This greatly increases the available space in the device. The stripping length is increased by up to one third. The MULTI-GRIP cable gland easily adapts to nearly all cable variants and the permanent, injection moulded rubber seal reliably protects the cable against the penetration of water, moisture or even dirt – top Bals quality on which the user can depend.

Reliable, waterproof and strong - the cable gland for plug and connectors invented by Bals

Product features:

  • Cable gland system with integrated strain relief
  • The special cable gland is secured against self-loosening and unintentional loosening when inserting and withdrawing the plug by means of a buttress thread
  • The Rubber seal which is permanently joined to the enclosure cannot be lost. The time-consuming adjustment of the onion rings to the cable diameter is no longer necessary



  • Simply tighten the MULTI-GRIP cable gland for damage-free, airtight and permanent mounting of the cable without any kind of deformation
  • MULTI-GRIP cable glands achieve at least protection degree IP67
  • Water no longer remains in the flared opening; it is instead forced out through the drainage openings


  • The exterior strain relief system sits against the captive seal and prevents the penetration of water or dirt into the connection cavity of the plug even if the cable is moved
  • The tensile strength exceeds the values specified in standards IEC 60309, EN 60309, VDE 6023
  • The condition of the strain relief system can be inspected at any time from the outside without opening the plug enclosure

MULTI-GRIP are also available with additional external strain relief for even more safety

The permanently molded, captive rubber seal achieves a protection degree of IP67

Also in the Bals range, metric cable glands with MULTI-GRIP


MULTI-GRIP by Bals easily adapts to almost all cable and wire styles. The following cable diameter can be fed in without affecting the tightness or capacity for strain relief.

TE- & TE-Plus plugs and connectors cable diameter
16A 3- und 4-pol. 8 mm - 18 mm
16A 5-pol. 10 mm - 21 mm
32A 3- und 4-pol. 11 mm - 23 mm
32A 5-pol. 13 mm - 27 mm
63A 3- bis 5-pol. 16 mm - 36 mm
125A 3- bis 5-pol (nur TE) 26 mm - 50 mm


TLS- & QC-standard plugs & sockets                              cable diameter
TLS 16A 3- bis 5-pol. 8 mm - 18 mm
TLS 32A 3- bis 5-pol. 11 mm - 23 mm
QC-Standard 16A 3- bis 5-pol. 8 mm - 18 mm
QC-Standard 32A 3- bis 5-pol. 11 mm - 23 mm