HKS helping (auxiliary) contact 16A + 32A

HKS - Panel socket 16A + 32A with helping (auxiliary) contact

Bals Elektrotechnik "HKS" panel sockets rated 16A + 32A are equipped with an auxiliary contact. .

The contact is mounted on top of the contact carrier (backside), and is being manipulated by the nose of any industrial plug that is manufactured according IEC 60309-2.

The auxiliary switch is last making, first breaking during the plug insertion/removing operation, and is always provided with a double contact solution (NO – normally open, NC-normally close). The connection requires a separate wiring to the auxiliary contact pins.

As devices with a rated operating current below 63A cannot be equipped with pilot contacts according to IEC 60309, the control feature via the plug coding nose at Bals Elektrotechnik sockets ensures also for smaller ratings functionality for signal, monitoring as well for electrical interlocking,