KONTEX-ULTRA at 63A + 125A

KONTEX-ULTRA is the logical further development of the KONTEXPLUS contact technology from Bals, which has proven itself for years. Thanks to a new production process and advanced new technology, the contact sleeves achieve even better properties with significantly lower plugging and pulling forces.

The chamfering provided directly on the sleeve mouth as well as the specially developed base material reduce friction losses and thereby significantly simplify plugging in and unplugging. Another advantage is the selfcleaning effect, which effectively protects against dirt and oxidation products. The high-temperature-resistant and reliable contact technology is available in versions from 63 to 125A, making KONTEXULTRA the optimum solution for the highest standards under a wide range of operating conditions.

  • Lower plugging and pulling forces
  • Available from 63A – 125A
  • Reduced friction forces
  • Flexible and specially developed base material
  • Chamfering on sleeve mouth simplifies plugging in
  • Self-cleaning of the contact surface through drainage paths (freeing of dirt and oxidation products)
  • Low heat development
  • Nickel plated contacts for difficult operating conditions
  • Optimum contacting and higher contact pressure over defined contact surfaces
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • No deformation of the contact sleeves through use of expansion limiter