Pilot contact

Pilot contacts at 63A + 125A plugs and sockets

Plugs & sockets with a nominal rating current of 63A and 125A can be equipped with an additional, center located pilot contact.

The length of the passive pilot pin ensures that it is last making and first breaking during mobile device inserting and removing operations.

The pilot contact can be used for monitoring functions e.g. for water pumps, insulation/circuit continuity control e.g. in mining applications or protection functions e.g. in electrical interlocking systems.

Bals Elektrotechnik 63A÷125A rated plugs and inlets are in all configurations always (standard) equipped with a pilot contact. Sockets and connectors in all configurations, rated 63-125A to be equipped with a pilot contact require an additional marking with “P” after the corresponding item number.

IEC 60309 standard series prohibits the usage of pilot contact in devices rated with a nominal rated current 16A÷32A due to leakage and creapage distances. For such applications, as well for domestic applications according to IEC 60884 (Type E/F/J), we recommend our HKS systems.