PSK - additional switching contact for industrial sockets 63A + 125A

PSK - pilot switch contact for panel sockets

Pilot switch contacts integrated in Bals Elektrotechnik PSK panel sockets 63A + 125A are active control parts

The integrated in the socket contact carrier auxiliary switch is being operated (only mechanically) by the passive pilot pin of a plug, after inserting, ensuring last making, first breaking, according to the regular pilot function. The pilot-switch-contact (NO – normally open) is equipped with two flexible conductors that can be used for electrical interlocking or control purpose, and connected directly to an appropriate control system on the socket side of the installation.   

The advantage of the system doesn’t require any power or signal supply from the plug pilot side, as the functionality of the passive pin is limited only to a mechanical push function to the switch in the socket. This ensures that the control function can be influenced from outside by the operator, but the signals are internally determined on the socket supply side of the wiring circuit.