We mourn the loss of Günter Bals

An entrepreneur with a pioneering spirit and a sense of social responsibility


The founder and, for many years, managing director of the company Bals Elektrotechnik died aged 92 on 18 August 2020.


Günter Bals was an entrepreneur to the core. With a pioneering spirit and foresight, he identified commercial opportunities earlier than others and, with a great deal of personal dedication, turned them into a success. Günter Bals founded a forwarding company just a few years after the end of the war in 1949, which developed quickly and successfully.


Not even a decade later followed the next bold decision: the late entrepreneur founded Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH in 1957 which, from the very beginning, concentrated on the production of industrial plugs and sockets. Within a short period of time, our company made a name for itself nationally and internationally for the highest quality "made in Germany". The successive expansion of the headquarters in Kirchhundem-Albaum (North-Rhine-Westphalia) reflects the company's successful development.


The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the next milestone: Günter Bals made the decision to invest in a new, state-of-the-art production plant, including logistics centre, in Freiwalde (Brandenburg). He dedicated the majority of the final stage of his active professional life to the successful development of this location. In 1999, Günter Bals retired from day-to-day business activities, but obviously remained very much tied to our company: passionately, constantly and as a mentor.


"Consumed with heavy grief, we salute this impressive life's work. The values with which Günter Bals built up the company and led it over many decades will also influence us in the years to come", states the company management. The Chairman of the Works Council, Carsten Wick, says: "Günter Bals was an entrepreneur with a keen sense of social responsibility. He always had time for his employees, their wishes, questions and also needs. We will honour his memory".


In addition to all his business responsibilities, Günter Bals was also deeply involved in social commitments throughout his life. His passions were sport and communal associations – as the chairman of Sportfreunde Albaum (sports association) for over 25 years and as a board member and chairman of the Schützenverein Albaum (Albaum shooting club). He was also involved in the local church community. With donations and personal efforts, he supported the social and cultural life in his home town whenever it was possible for him to do so.


Apart from a five-year hiatus, between 1964 and 1999 Günter Bals was a councillor and worked voluntarily as a community leader, as well as the chairman of Heimat- und Förderverein Albaum (Albaum heritage association), to which he was appointed honorary chairman in November 2010. Günter Bals was a holder of the "Ring of Honour" of the Kirchhundem community and received the Federal Cross of Merit in March 2005.


Glossary of terms in accordance with the international standards VDE 0623/DIN EN 60309

Shows the position of the protective contact of a socket with rated operating voltages above 50V. 

Principles of the data processing at Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

International domestic plugs and sockets

Get more about our material declaration conformity.

VDE Approved Place of Manufacture - This surveillance of the factory was performed according to the European Factory Inspection Procedure

QUICK-CONNECT Twin Terminal is the screwless connection technology for CEE socket outlets to loop through invented by Bals.

Domestic socket outlet with push-contact

Suitability of electrical equipment for different environmental conditions

Enables the screwless connection technology QUICK-CONNECT

List of the basic resistance of materials in combination with the certain chemicals. 

Non-stationary test system/measurement device for industrial use.

Screw terminal TE products are added with nickel plated contacts and the contact carriers are made of high temperature resistant material.

QUICK-CONNECT TE products are added with nickel plated contacts and the contact carriers are made of high temperature resistant material.

EN ISO 9001 specifies the minimum requirements for a quality management system.

Patentierte Schließmechanik für Betätigungsklappen.

Standard connection screw terminal.

Colour coding for different operating voltages

Overview over all brands by Bals

QUICK-CONNECT is the screwless connection technology for CEE products invented by Bals.

Polycarbonate is a high-quality plastic material which is characterized by its high strength and impact resistance.

BALS-CONNECT - Integration of distributor systems in the IoT

Information to the modification of standard DIN EN 61439 

KONTEX-ULTRA is a contact technology by Bals.

KONTEX-PLUS by Bals is a contact technology

IEC System for Conformity Testing to Standards for saftey of Electrical Equipment

Polyamide is a plastic material with particularly high-quality properties.

Brand that indicates the international standardisation of CEE plugs and sockets

European Commitee for Electrotechnical Standardization

The shutter is an opening mechanism for eMobile charging plugs

Rubber housing through your high material properties and are particularly resistant to impact.

MODBOX by Bals is a patented modular distributor series

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a European Union regulation dating from 18 December 2006. REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

Polybutylene terephthalate (short PBT) is a thermoplastic material, which belongs to the group of polyesters.

International Electrotechnical Commission

Testing and Certification Institute

VARIABOX, the modular distributor system

The robust twin USB charging socket for extreme applications

Underground distributor systems - Perfect for the power supply of public places

Adapted to the respective area of application

Mobile Power Distributon in 4 different sizes

Plugs and connectors in modern design.

Components for infrastructure of EV charging

MODBOX is a patented modular solid rubber wallmounted distributor series from Bals

MULTI-GRIP is a cable gland system invented by Bals with integraded gasket and strain-relief