Bals is partner of the 2020 German Enterprise Award for the Electrical Trades



Since 2004, the trade journal “de – das Elektrohandwerk” has recognized successful entrepreneurs from the electrical trades. The best electrical contractors will again be honoured in 2020 – and Bals will once again be a sponsor and partner of the renowned competition.


The improvements in the energy efficiency in buildings and production facilities, networking and digitization, smart building technology as well as the electrification of vehicle drive systems: in many, if not most topics related to the future, the electrical trades are involved on the front lines – an important role that receives much too little attention from the general public – as General Manager Wolfgang Bals emphasises: “Initiatives such as the Enterprise Award from “de” are all the more important for bringing hidden champions from the trades with their trend-setting and innovative company management into the limelight.” Since the founding of Bals Elektrotechnik over 60 years ago, the electrical trades – in addition to specialist wholesalers – have been the most important partner to our company. Wolfgang Bals continues, “Suggestions and requirements from practical experience have always been the most important motivating factor for constantly improving our products in the area of connection technology. We are therefore pleased to once again support the German Enterprise Award for the Electrical Trades.”


Wanted are companies that have organized their business perfectly, are active and successful in future markets and foster the potential of their employees.

To showcase the diversity of the business activities in the electrical trades, the German Enterprise Award for the Electrical Trades is presented in three different categories. The application deadline is 31 October 2019; all information is available from “de” at